If you are visiting this page in response to a personal bereavement we are truly sorry for your loss and pray that you may find some help and comfort here during this difficult time. We hope that the information below is helpful to you about bereavement and funerals.

Arranging a Funeral

If you want to discuss the arrangements for:
  •  a funeral
  •  the burial of ashes, or
  •  a memorial service
please ask your Funeral Director to contact us to discuss your requirements. 


Warfield Church wants to offer you help as you go through a bereavement. We recognise that for many people this will be a difficult time and losing someone we have known and loved affects us all differently. The recent Covid-19 lockdown restrictions have impacted many people and the 'normal' ways of commemorating someone who has died has not been possible. 

Warfield Church provides "The Bereavement Journey" a course for those experiencing grief and loss. For further details about the course please click here.  If the dates for courses are not convenient or our next course dates are not shown please do keep in touch as we want to be able to support you.

This course would normally be held locally but in the foreseeable future will be run online due to Covid-19 restrictions. If you feel that the course may benefit you then please do get in touch with us and register your interest in this course and we will contact you with the details. 

Grief Counselling Services

 If you would like to talk to a grief counsellor a number of services are listed on the "At A Loss" organisation website.  For details please click here

Light a Candle

Should you wish to mark the loss of a loved one, but be limited in doing so due to Covid lockdown, you can make an entry in the Online Condolence Book here:


Richard Page, 21/06/2020