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Getting Married In Warfield Parish

We meet in several locations for worship throughout Warfield and Bracknell, but St Michael the Archangel and St Andrews are our only buildings licensed for weddings. We would count it a real privilege to be a part of the start of your marriage and we welcome you to use our building for your wedding or marriage blessing and pray that you may sense the presence of God and grow in knowing his love for you in his son Jesus Christ. Please note that eligibility to get married in specific parish churches is defined by the Church of England, and these criteria are legal restrictions that we must adhere to.

If you wish to book a wedding at St Michael's or St Andrews or just want to have a preliminary look around, please contact Alison at the Church Office  by email or by phone 01344 886900.

Frequently Asked Questions (click on the question for the answer):

  1. Can we get married at St Michael the Archangel or St Andrews?
  2. How much will it cost? 
  3. Will there be a preparation course?
  4. I live in Warfield Parish.  But can I marry elsewhere?

Information on choosing flowers is available at the Wedding Preparation Day:

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