Warfield Church - Lent 2018 


ThreeCsLent is the period of time from Ash Wednesday through to Easter, and is usually a    time of additional spiritual discipline, as we seek to grow as disciples of Jesus and deepen our love for him. It is often a time of particular focus in the life of a church, and there have been a number of different patterns in Warfield over the years.

This year, along with a number of others across the Diocese of Oxford, we will be focussing on the Beatitudes, and what it means to be a more Christ-like Church, which is Contemplative, Compassionate and Courageous.
Bishop Steven, the Bishop of Oxford, has prepared some material for use in small groups, and I would like to invite all small groups across Warfield Church to use this material during Lent.
Groups may want to think through how best this would work for them. For those meeting weekly, you may not have enough sessions as only three are provided, although I would happily write some material for a fourth session which helps to draw it all together if that would be helpful.

Other things you may want to do might include:

  • Joining with another group during Lent, enabling you to get to know others in another small group within your congregation (or another congregation)
  • Using the studies alternate weeks and having a focussed time of prayer the following week on the subject of the previous week’s study
  • Other things you may think of….! Do share your ideas with others!

The sessions are all contained in one booklet, which we will order from the Diocese so that everyone has a copy.

In addition to small groups across the parish, I shall lead an additional group on Wednesday evenings, 28th February, 7th March and 14th March, probably in the Parish Rooms (depending on numbers) Anyone who is not in a small group but would like to join this group for a defined period is most welcome to do so. If you are interested in coming to the Wednesday group, please contact the Parish Office to register your interest, so that we can have a good idea of numbers.

May Lent be a time of growth for all of us as we seek to be contemplative, compassionate and courageous.


Revd Catharine Morris
January 2018