New Wine Summer Conference:

Below are the talks from the 2013 Conference:

 Recent Media Uploads 
Additional Seminars: New atheism (download) (John Lennox)
Additional Seminars: Faking of life (download) (Matt James)
Additional Seminars: Making of life? (download) (Chris and Neil Fox)
Additional Seminars: Human trafficking in the UK (download) (Gareth Russel)
Additional Seminars: Science, faith and creativity (download) (Ruth Bancewicz)
Additional Seminars: Redeeming our communities (download) (Paul Wilson)
Additional Seminars: Children are waiting for a home for good - church can make difference (download) (Phil Green)
Additional Seminars: Terminal illness and bereavement (download) (Janet O' Doherty)
Additional Seminars: Caring for elderly parents (download) (Louise Morse)
Additional Seminars: Radical living (download) (Simon Guillebaud)
Additional Seminars: Discovering the mystery of his will through prayer (download) (Yemi Adedeji)
Additional Seminars: Leading worship - setting a table in the wilderness (download) (Brian Doerkson)
Additional Seminars: Building from the ground up (download) (Chris Lawson-Jones Sarah Jong)
Additional Seminars: What church leaders can learn from the world of sport (download) (Chris Porter)
Additional Seminars: Leading with others - the secret of plural leadership (download) (Henry Kendal)
Additional Seminars: How can generosity change our community today? (download) (Mike O' Neill)
Additional Seminars: generosity - more than money (download) (Mike O' Neill)
Additional Seminars: The generous church (download) (Paul Harcourt)
Additional Seminars: Peacemaking for beginners - being a peacemaking church (download) (Stephen Ruttle and Russ Spargo)
Additional Seminars: Peacemaking for beginners - handling difficult conversations (download) (Stephen Ruttle and Russ Spargo)
Additional Seminars: Everything men want to hear and everything women want men to hear (download) (Tania Bright-Cook Carl Beech)
Additional Seminars: The Battleground 2 (Men only) (download) (Carl Beech)
Additional Seminars: The Battleground 1 (Men only) (download) (Carl Beech)
Additional Seminars: Grapefruits or milkshakes? Five focuses for an empowered life (Women) (download) (Lindsay melluish)
Additional Seminars: Abundant life on a small budget (Women only) (download) (Anne Coles)
Additional Seminars: One woman's call into ministry (download) (Christy Wimber)
Additional Seminars: Jesus in the movies (download) (2)
Additional Seminars: good news for children in developing countries (download) (Wendy Beech- Ward)
Additional Seminars: Creating churches where ministry happens (download) (Mark Melluish)
Additional Seminars: Reaching, keeping and communicating to children (download) (Mark Griffiths)
Additional Seminars: Learning to let our light shine (download) (John Westall)
Additional Seminars: Justice for the dispossessed (download) (Elaine Storkey)
Additional Seminars: Stories from the streets - Latin American children (download) (Gerry Walker)
Additional Seminars: Tricks for truth (download) (Steve Macbeth)
Additional Seminars: Taking it back home - new songs and the way forward (download) (Matt Southcombe Quinn Deport)
Additional Seminars: The people and the presence (download) (Sam Pollard)
Additional Seminars: Leprosy - The scourge is still with us but we're winning (download) (Pete Walker)
Additional Seminars: Interview with Justin Welby (download) (Mark Melluish)
Additional Seminars: Ministry to under 5s (download) (Jackie Faeber)
Additional Seminars: The Holy spirit is a pigeon (download) (Mark Bishop)
Additional Seminars: Half time and finishing strong (download) (Simon Guillebaud)
Additional Seminars: Israel and Palestine - are peace and justice possible? (download) (Jeremy Moodey)
Additional Seminars: Why am I so busy? What happened to holy rest? (download) (Donna Lazenby)
Additional Seminars: Spiritual fitness (download) (Graham Tomlin)
Persecuted Church: Faith in fear and persecution (download) (Shoaib Ebadi)
Persecuted Church: The right to choose your faith (download) (Mervyn Thomas)
Persecuted Church: Trusting God when it's not safe (download) (Lisa Pearce)
Growing in: Discernment (download) (Elaine Storkey)
Growing in: Living a life of advenure (download) (Abi Coles)
Growing in: Emotionally healthy leadership (download) (Jenny Peters)
Equipping the church: Toddlers, Toys and the generosity of God (download) (Heather Coupland Lizzie Cronin)
Equipping the church: Using British sign language (download) (Signs of God)
Equipping the church: How to run family time course (download) (Melluish, Perkin, Vander Haart)
Equipping the church: Are God and Gareth Malone on the same wavelength (download) (Matt Southcombe and Jo Clare)
Equipping the church: Preaching the gospel in words and actions in rural areas (download) (Richard Fothergill)
The Bible - Getting the most from the Bible - Introduction to who (download) (Paul Langham)
The Bible - Tough texts in the Bible (download) (Simon Coupland )
The Bible - making the humble house group unmissable (download) (Mark Tate and Phil George)
The Bible - A walk through the Bible - such and such had a son called whatever! (download) (Paul Keeys and Gavin Owen )
The Bible - A walk through the Bible - take off your sandals (download) (Paul Keeys and Gavin Owen )
Finding Freedom: Freedom from self-harm (download) (Rachel Firth)
Finding Freedom: Freedom from abuse (download) (Anita Henser)
Finding Freedom: Freedom from pornography and sex addiction (download) (Randall Staley)
Finding Freedom: Freedom from drugs and alcohol (download) (Martin Smith)
Finding Freedom: Freedom from eating disorders (download) (Diana Archer)
Church Planting: Can my church be changed? (download) (Mike Resch+ Ben/Chris Beecroft)
Church Planting: Growing a small church on an estate (download) (Patrick Malone)
Church Planting: Back Home (download) (John and Anne Coles)
Church Planting: Planting for the 20s and 30s (download) (Pete Hughes )
Church Planting: Church for the unreached 20s (download) (Rob Peabody)
Ministry: Spiritual Warfare - myth or reality? (download) (Yemi Adedeji)
Ministry: Going deeper in spiritual gifts (download) (Malcolm Macdonald)
Ministry: Healing (download) (Mark Aldridge)
Ministry: Introduction to prayer ministry 2 (download) (Lin Button)
Ministry: Introduction to prayer ministry 1 (download) (Lin Button)
Tough Questions: What about The Bible? (download) (Paul Perkin and Stephen Ruttle)
Tough Questions: What about Christianity and secular philosophies? (download) (Paul Perkin and Stephen Ruttle)
Tough Questions: What about Christianity and science? (download) (John Lennox)
Tough Questions: What about Christianity and suffering? (download) (Simon Coupland )
Tough Questions: What about Christianity and other faiths? (download) (Paul Perkin and Stephen Ruttle)
Relationships: The dating workshop (download) (Christine Perkin)
Relationships: Single minded (download) (Kate Wharton)
Relationships: Marriage 2 (download) (Peter and Claire Harwood)
Relationships: Marriage 1 (download) (Peter and Claire Harwood)
Emotional and Spiritual Health: Praying for children - the early years (download) (Denise Challis)
Emotional and Spiritual Health: Transforming Power (download) (Mary Pytches)
Emotional and Spiritual Health: The guilt trip (download) (Will Van der Hart )
Emotional and Spiritual Health: Christian meditation and mindfulness (download) (Shaun Lambert)
Emotional and Spiritual Health: Emotionally Healthy Relationships (download) (Jenny Peters)
Third Person: Session 6 (download) (John and Jenny Peters )
Third Person: Session 5 (download) (John and Jenny Peters )
Third Person: Session 2 (download) (John and Jenny Peters )
Third Person: Session 1 (download) (John and Jenny Peters )
Family Life: Parenting alone (download) (Carole Wicks)
Family Life: New Parents (download) (Will and Lucinda Van der Hart)
Family Life: Parenting the 20s and beyond (download) (Paul and Christine Perkin)
Family Life: Parenting Teenagers (download) (Paul and Christine Perkin)
Family Life: Parenting Children (download) (Mark and Lindsay Melluish)
Big Issues - Christianity and sex (download) (Tania Bright-Cook)
Big Issues - Christianity and politics (download) (Stephen Timms MP)
Big Issues - Christianity and Sexual identity (download) (Maggie Ellis)
Big Issues - Christian faith and the challenge of false ideologies (download) (Michael Nazir -Ali)
Big Issues - Christianity and image (download) (Rachel Gardner)
Bible Teaching - John 6: Jesus the cannibal (download) (Jay Pathak)
Bible Teaching - John 5: Jesus the mover (download) (Jay Pathak)
Bible Teaching - John 4: Jesus the riddler (download) (Jay Pathak)
Bible Teaching - John 3: Jesus the doctor (download) (Jay Pathak)
Bible Teaching - John 2: Jesus the bartender (download) (Jay Pathak)
Morning Celebration - Hungry: Friday (download) (Andy Hawthorne )
Morning Celebration - Hungry: Thursday (download) (Andy Hawthorne )
Morning Celebration - Hungry: Wednesday (download) (Andy Hawthorne )
Morning Celebration - Hungry: Tuesday (download) (Andy Hawthorne )
Morning Celebration - Hungry: Monday (download) (Andy Hawthorne )
Morning Celebration - Hungry: Sunday (download) (Andy Hawthorne )
Morning Celebration - Seminar City: Friday (download) (Steve Melluish)
Morning Celebration - Seminar City: Thursday (download) (Christy Wimber)
Morning Celebration - Seminar City: Wednesday (download) (Paul Perkin)
Morning Celebration - Seminar City: Tuesday (download) (Lindsay melluish)
Morning Celebration - Seminar City: Monday (download) (Mark Aldridge)
Morning Celebration - Seminar City: Sunday (download) (John Coles)
Morning Celebration - The Arena: Friday (download) (Mike Pilavachi)
Morning Celebration - The Arena: Thursday (download) (Robby Dawkins)
Morning Celebration - The Arena: Wednesday (download) (Sam Mukabi Zema )
Morning Celebration - The Arena: Tuesday (download) (Pete Hughes )
Morning Celebration - The Arena: Monday (download) (Anne Coles)
Morning Celebration - The Arena: Sunday (download) (Mark Melluish)
Taste and see (Wednesday) (download) (David & Julia Chamberlin)
Taste and see (Tuesday) (download) (David & Julia Chamberlin)
Taste and see (Monday) (download) (David & Julia Chamberlin)
Taste and see (Sunday) (download) (David & Julia Chamberlin)
Evening Celebration (Friday) (download) (Mark Melluish)
Evening Celebration (Thursday) (download) (Christy Wimber)
Evening Celebration (Wednesday) (download) (Robby Dawkins)
Evening Celebration (Tuesday) (download) (Mark Bailey)
Evening Celebration (Monday) (download) (Justin Welby)
Evening Celebration (Sunday) (download) (Ken Costa)
Evening Celebration (Saturday) (download) (John Coles)
Taste and see (Friday) (download) (David & Julia Chamberlin)
Taste and See (Thursday) (download) (David & Julia Chamberlin)